From Bishop Lawson Bryan;

     "Last night Gov. Kemp issued the latest guidelines for lowering the infection rate of COVID-19. This includes a shelter in place order for those in certain areas and for vulnerable populations. He also encouraged people to work from home when possible and to limit travel to only that which is absolutely necessary. 

The churches of South Georgia have already been proactive in doing all we can to avoid spreading this virus. Thank you for the spirit in which you are finding creative ways to be Alive Together in Christ while maintaining physical distance in the interest of community health.

     Even though Gov. Kemp’s most recent guidelines are in effect until April 6, it seems likely additional measures will extend beyond that date. We know that we will not be able to meet in person on Palm Sunday, but the question that is now heavy on all our hearts: “What does this mean for Easter?.....”


For us at Wilmington Island UMC, beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25, our staff will cut back their hours at our facility, work from home, work online, and the church phone will be forwarded to a cell.  We are just a call away.  I am in hopes this will provide coverage during this time.  


We have recorded music from our talented musicians. A message from me was recorded today, and will be posted for this Sunday morning, March 29th.  For Palm Sunday we will cover the outside cross with palms.   We will see what Easter will look like. 


Offering and giving needs are now a priority.  Regular online giving is occurring.  Others have not begun that procedure.  Snail mail will probably be the norm.  Please be faithful in your giving.  


We are already hearing of some who are facing cutbacks in jobs or a reorganization of their workforce that affects their income.  


We are asking for volunteers to assist in running errands for those restricted to home or are more vulnerable with preexisting conditions.  

We are also asking for those who will need help with food delivery or other help during this time to call the church office.  


Now is when the church should be seen as a people and not a building.   May we stand up and do what we can to help others.  


Call the church office (912) 897-2835 if you need anything.  My cell number is (912) 658-9765.  Call if I can be of any assistance.  


May God hold all of us close as we face this new normal. May God's grace cover each of us in the midst of this virus. 


Rob Grotheer

Senior Pastor

Wilmington Island UMC    


195 Wilmington Island Rd. 

Savannah, Ga. 31410  

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