A message from our Pastor for this Memorial Day...

George Macleod of Iona tells of a regimental boxing match during the Second World War. Between rounds, a soldier who had been wounded and had lost his memory entered the ring holding aloft a large piece of cardboard carrying the question, "Can anybody tell me who I am?"


Having lost his memory, he had no identity. He had no name, no past, no roots, no history, and little sense of self. To have found a memory would have been to recover a person--not only a past but a present and a future. (Dynamic Preaching, The Ritz Collection, by Eric Ritz)


It seems that we as a nation have also lost our memory. We tend to focus on what is important to us right this minute. We fail to remember freedom has come at a cost.


We must remember those who have gone before us…who have sacrificed all for us. This nation did not just happen overnight.

Let us remember our past. Let us remember who we are and whose we are.


We must remember. We must remember those who served. We must remember the freedom we enjoy is a privilege we must not take for granted.


It was said that in ancient times there lived a very wise tutor called upon to teach the son of a great king. The tutor had a terrible time with this prince. The young man was a difficult child. To be more accurate, the prince was a spoiled brat.


The tutor tried everything to get him to grow, to come to maturity. He tried cajoling, pushing, and shoving. Nothing worked. Finally, the tutor came across an idea.


He cut a strip of royal purple and pinned it to the young man’s coat. The prince said, "What are you doing that for?" The tutor answered, "Because every time you look at that strip of purple, you'll remember that you’re the king’s son."

"You are the chosen race . . .a royal priesthood . . .a holy nation . . . God's own people . . . that you may declare the wonderful deeds of him who called you out of darkness and into his marvelous light." (I Peter 2:9)


Today we are to remember we are the King's sons. We are the King's daughters. To remember, just look at the cross.

Thank you to the families of the fallen.

Thank you to the fighters, the fallen fighters, for the freedom we now enjoy.



Amen and amen

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